Absolute capitalism corrupts absolutely ?  Watch as the world’s sole ‘SuperPower’ descends into the jaws of hell and depravity. Again.The Shadenfreude at moments like this is delicious. Go sheeple, go! Now, is there a hole for me to get sick in?,0,6022172.story

It gets better?


See me? Feel Me? Touch Me? Heal Me?

Share the love guys, you could be kicked to death over an iPad in the coming hours.

In response to many American friends and acquaintances who ask in all sincerity? Beirut, OMG, how could you live there, OMG…..

The alternative is what? Walmart and Gommorrah?  That twisted wreckage you call a free country? Maybe changing the motto on the dollar to “In God We Shop”?   Look on the bright side, if you missed the holy shopping pilgrimage, you can still find a random elderly person and punch them in the head for no reason, and post the phone cam images to YouTube. Yes, you too have something to live for.  Question is? is it worth it?    Whoever thought we’d see the fall of Rome twice in two millennium. You go boys!

We know the economy is bad everywhere, but when retail starts to flag here, people just do fifty percent sales on Winter Clothing in…..OMG! Winter.   I swear though, when imported cigarettes reach the two dollar mark in Lebanon, I may just quit.

Enjoy your freedoms. If that’s what you think they are.


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