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Yassir, you will be missed.  But not forgotten.




Alright, the phones are ringing off the hook here at The Beirut Times, emails flooding in-boxes, its a bloody mess. It seems some people are not happy with the sombre, sober newsy kinda look here.

My first thought, honestly? Is to say ‘Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.’ It’s also my second thought. Then I realize how much of our lives we spend pandering….yes PANDERING to the whims of others. If we want to get anywheres that is.

So, in the spirit of pandering to the Facebook Generation and their cornflower blue lives? We have decided to give you what you want. You’re used to that. You get cranky when it doesn’t happen. You send emails to my imaginary office threatening to cancel imaginary subscriptions….so be it. As the demotivational meme on the Net has it : Life is not about how much money you make. It’s about trite little sayings that sum up all of life, alongside pictures of cats.

Here’s your goddamn cat. The BT Beiruti Cat; Enjoy


Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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